Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello blogspot!

After months of contemplating whether or not I wanted to start up my blog, I finally did it! This is gonna be a new place to express myself, jot down our day-to-day lives, along with my simple, yet fun recipes! Also, please no judging! Its been a long time since I've last blogged so I'm not as used to it as I was before. I'll definitely do my best to keep this updated as much as possible.

So heres a little on who I am:
My name is Jenny Lagrimas. I'm currently a stay at home mom to a crazy 2 1/2 year old  named Jolie Delaney. I'm a wife to a U.S. Navy sailor named John. We're currently stationed in Virginia, originally from San Diego, CA. Its been quite the adventure living on our own these past 3 years but its been fun, nonetheless. I really enjoy taking pictures of my family, so be prepared to see lots of them! I love cooking and sharing my recipes to those who ask, but since I'll be posting them on here, they're available to everyone now! I'm awful when it comes to talking about myself,  but I'll assume you've pretty much got the jist of who I am and what I like to do.
If you've gotten this far into the post, thank you!  I hope you will enjoy following our adventures as a family through this blog! 

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