Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eggs Benedict Recipe

Unlike a lot of people I know, I prefer savory over sweet in the morning. Majority of the time I try to keep it as simple as possible cause its usually too early for me to function properly. So normally, I'll make a bowl of oatmeal, or cut up some fruits and spread PB on bread for Jolie and be done with it. But some mornings, especially weekends when my husband is off from work, I'll be in the mood to whip up something out of the norm for him. Cause if theres one way to woo my man, its through food! So if you're looking for a dish that'll easily win people over with your cooking skills, this is it! Lol. Its pretty simple and it's one of my favorites! 


Serving size 4 (2 per person)

- 1 medium tomato (sliced, optional)
- Salt & pepper to taste
- 1 Teaspoon olive oil 
- 8 slices of deli ham or turkey (I use turkey since it has a lighter taste) 
- 4 English muffins (I use whole grain)
- Spring mix leaves or asparagus (optional, I like it cause it adds texture. And you may also boil the asparagus) 
- 8 large eggs 


- 7 Tablespoons unsalted butter 
- 3 Large egg yolks 
- 1 Tablespoon lemon juice
- Salt & pepper to taste 


1.  Starting with the butter for the hollandaise, melt it and set it aside to cool so it doesn't cook the egg yolk when you start on the sauce. Never add hot butter to the sauce with the egg yolk unless you want chunky hollandaise sauce (which you don't). So its best to melt it before you poach your eggs and finish up the sauce before serving your dish. 

2.  Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Place your turkey and cook until its crisp and golden. You can also use bacon on this dish if you don't have any deli meat. I try to improvise when I don't have time to stop at the store so I'll use what I have and its usually turkey bacon I have available in my fridge. 

3.  Poach your eggs using your preferred method. I have a microwaveable egg poacher I purchased for $2.00 and it works wonders! Its also big enough to add in the extra egg whites from the hollandaise sauce so they don't go to waste. If you don't have your own egg poacher there are other easy methods you can use. I just use mine since it helps save time and dishes to wash. 

4. Toast the english muffins to your liking. You can use a toaster oven or heat it up with a bit of butter on the skillet until golden.  My husband likes when I put cream cheese on the muffins after toasting them. So if you don't mind adding additional cholesterol to your dish, by all means, do it! Cause its pretty delicious. 

5.  Making the Hollandaise. Place the egg yolk and lemon juice in a mixing bowl and whisk until its evenly blended. Before adding the melted butter, give it a quick mix before adding it with the other ingredients. While whisking vigorously, add in the butter slowly and continue whisking until it becomes a thick, creamy consistency. You can also add more lemon juice or hot sauce to your liking.

6.  Top the english muffins with the turkey, followed by the tomato slices and a bed of fresh greens or boiled asparagus. Carefully top with the poached egg and generously drizzle the hollandaise sauce on top. You can finish by sprinkling ground pepper, chopped chives or paprika, if desired. 

7.  Enjoy immediately!  

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