Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Pregnancy/Birth Story

After reading so many great birth stories, I've decided to share mine with an addition of my pregnancy journey.

Starting from the beginning of my pregnancy, it was always difficult. I was sick for almost 2 1/2 months. From the second I woke up to the moment I went to bed. All I wanted to do was sleep off the nausea every day. Terrible was an understatement.

As soon as the nausea started getting better, thats when the migraines came in. I had intense migraines for about 2 months every single day. As every pregnant woman knows, we weren't really allowed to take anything other than tylenol which did little to nothing in my case.

So finally, the migraines started going away. But with my luck, as soon as that was over, I started getting horrific pains in the side of my face. I had no idea what it was cause I never felt anything like this before. After about 3 weeks of excruciating pain, little to no sleep, not being able to eat anything, a trip to the ER, and multiple trips to different dentists to figure out what was wrong, they saw that I had a tooth nerve infection which is what made the entire right side of my face hurt. So my frustrated husband found an emergency dentist who performed a root canal for me and basically saved my life. Lol, not really. But you have no idea how much I wanted to hug that man who went to work that Saturday to help my miserable pregnant ass.

After that was over, I started getting severe round ligament pains. I KNOW RIGHT. I was barely able to walk. I was SO tired of being crippled at this point that I had my husband take me to go see my doctor who wanted to have me checked at the hospital. I went in for the ligament pains but ended up having to stay the night so they could monitor me since they found out I had a short cervix. After my hospital visit I ended up having to be put on bedrest.

I was 8 months at this point and I was ready for this baby to get out of me. No seriously. I tried everything to induce my labor as soon at I hit full term. I started bike riding, walking, doing squats, eating lots of pineapples and spicy foods. Nothing worked.

Up until I hit 38 weeks I didn't have any signs leading me to believe I was going into labor anytime soon. I woke up needing to pee cause John had said goodbye to me before leaving to work.
After he left I went to the bathroom and came back to lay in bed. After about 10 minutes of lying down I felt a gush of warm water and I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom (thinking I peed myself since it happened before while I was pregnant lol). I sat on the toilet for a while and felt another gush a few minutes later and I knew my water had broken.

I called John and calmly asked him, "Hey where are you?" he replies, "Just pulled up to work, are you ok?" And thats when I said, "I'm pretty sure my water broke." I remember him freaking out saying, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" while laughing. He of course ended up calling off work and rushed home. I could tell he was pretty nervous, but I was ready. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW READY I WAS. I had my baby bag ready, a maxi pad on, and towel ready to put on the passenger seat. When he came home I was standing there waiting to get in the car. John was pretty surprised at how calm I was. But with all calmness aside my contractions were starting and they were getting fierce. Mind you, my hospital was about a 35 minute drive with moderate traffic. So every 3-4 minutes the contractions got stronger and longer.

We pull up to the ER. My contractions are driving me borderline serial killer at this point but I'm keeping my composure while John wheels me into labor & delivery. I get there, they confirm that I'm indeed in labor, and they check how many centimeters I'm dilated. THANKS TO SWEET BABY JESUS I'm already 5 centimeters and ready for the epidural! As I'm waiting for the anesthesiologist for about another hour I'm crying. Loud. I started getting louder and thats when John makes the biggest mistake a husband can make when their wife is in labor. HE TELLS ME TO KEEP IT DOWN. I just gave him a death glare and that was enough to put him in his place.

After the anesthesiologist injected me with the miracle drug, I was relaxed and ready to push out this (what I thought at the time) 8 pounder.  Soon it was 5 hours into labor, then it was 10, 14 hours, still nothing. I was so annoyed hoping the next time the doctor came in they were gonna tell me "Its time to push." But I was only 9 1/2 cm dilated. But I started getting a fever from having my water broken for a long time so they insisted that I started pushing to avoid any complications with the baby.

2 hours into pushing. My epidural has already worn off on my lady parts and I'm now fully understanding what "the ring of fire" means. My hoo-haa was on FIRE! My mother & sister -in-law were in the room, comforting me cause I was having such a hard time pushing. John was taking mini naps in-between contractions. I couldn't blame him. We were all tired. But it lightened the mood a little when the nurses called him out on it. We all had a quick laugh and went back into business. A few pushes later I hear a cry and there she was! My little Jolie waving her jello arms and legs while crying. Nurses flopped her on top of me and started cleaning her off. All I can remember was telling her "don't cry baby." I was in complete shock that I just pushed this human out of my hoo-haa. I couldn't even cry. Everything from there was kind of a blur for me.

7 pounds and 3 ounces of delicious newborn in my arms the next morning. John was on strict diaper duty and he did a phenomenal job tending to every one of Jolie's little squeals.
Jolie also ended up having jaundice so we stayed an additional 5 days & a Thanksgiving in the hospital until we got discharged 7 days before John left to bootcamp.

Our lives have changed so much since the moment I found out I was pregnant at 19 years old. She has turned mine and John's lives into one big adventure. We honestly have no idea where we would both be if she never came into the picture. But we are so incredibly happy to have her with us. There is no doubt in my mind that because John and I were so stuck in our lives at the time, God placed her in our arms to help guide us to where we are now. It was definitely our calling to be parents to Jolie and I wouldn't change a single thing about it.


So that was my pregnancy & birth story! If you got this far, props to you. It was a long post. But I appreciate you taking the time to read all about it. I'm glad I was able to keep you interested enough to get to the end. 

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