Monday, May 9, 2016


Despite the crazy rain we've been receiving on the east coast, It's definitely getting warmer and I'm excited to sunbathe, visit the beach, and indulge in some ridiculous amounts of ice cream. We took these photos a few weekends back and I never got the chance to blog them. 

Even though the water hasn't had the chance to warm up after winter, Jolie didn't care. She jumped right in and made the best of our day. Even if she came out shivering with blue lips. Lol, we sat there for about 45 minutes warming her up just so she can run back into the water. I swear, I think my child is part mermaid. If there's anyone who loves the water, it's definitely her. 

I carried this child inside me for 9 months, spent 16 hours in labor, pushed her out of my hoo-haa. All so then she can look and do everything just like her dad. 

Mini update: Our current plans are to move back home to the west coast for a few months, this upcoming June, while John finishes up work here. This is probably gonna be one of our last beach trips in VA until we're together again. So I figured it'd be appropriate to reminisce on this lovely day by turning it into a blog post. I already can't wait until we can have more weekends such as this one again. But until then, I'm gonna savor the little moments we have together.

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