Sunday, September 11, 2016

Always on the go

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even thought about updating my blog. I'm kind of just taking things day by day. Since leaving Virginia I've been commuting back and forth between my family. I never realized how difficult and overwhelming it is to try to visit everyone. But I'm doing my best. Jo and I have gone on so many adventures in the past couple of weeks. Many "firsts" together and I'm honestly having such a great time! I'm also doing my best to stay busy until we go back to VA just to help time move faster. We have so many plans for the next 2 months and I'm so excited to capture all of our adventurous moments! I'll do my best to compile a good amount of photos for any upcoming posts. I haven't had time to even open my laptop to upload them onto here. But soon enough I will! Can't wait to share what we've been up to along with all of our new experiences! 

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